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We hope everyone has cleaned their clubs and got their bad round out of the way for the year. This is promising news for the 2021 Season. Unfortunately however, due to newly implemented restrictions we have decided to make ONLY 1 SCHEDULE CHANGE. We will move the Rockway event from Sunday June 13th to Sunday September 19th.  This will allow us an extra six weeks for restrictions to loosen before our first tournament on Sunday July 25th so we can have more of a tournament atmosphere that is currently not possible.


The revised schedule will now have one tournament a month starting in July:


Port Colborne CC - July 25th

Legends Ussher’s Creek - August 22nd

Rockway Vineyards - September 19th

Cheery Hill Club - October 3rd


We are terribly sorry to have to do this to those of you who have committed and already paid for the year. If this schedule change poses any conflicts for you, we do apologize and we will definitely refund your payment. Please understand that we have taken these precautions to ensure a safer, more social tournament experience for everyone involved. Please note that THE QUALIFIER DATE WILL NOT CHANGE. It is still On SUNDAY JUNE 6TH.The interest in this has been outstanding. We have had to add additional tee times and only have a few free spots still open. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us at


Happy Golfing,

Niagara Men’s Tour Committee 

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